Ontex INSTEAD Anti-Embolism Stockings Knee Length Cotton Beige Colour

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Ontex INSTEAD Cotton Anti Embolism Stockings Beige ( Skin ) Colour Knee Length for DVT Prophylaxis

Imagine wearing Undergarments & Socks made of Nylon in Hot and Humid weather!

  • Needless to say how uncomfortable it will be!
  • The same applies to Compression Stockings also!!
  • There was no choice so far, but not any more…
  • The good news is that cotton anti-embolism stockings that too, with beige colour is available now, especially custom manufactured for tropical regions.           
Nylon Vs. Cotton

Beige Vs. White

Sizing Chart:

Sizing Chart for Ontex Instead Anti Embolism Stockings


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    Sizing Chart for ONTEX INSTEAD Anti-Embolism Stockings for DVT Prophylaxis


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