Ontex Compression Stockings Applicator - Easy and Quick way of Wearing

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Ontex Compression Stockings Application Device makes fitting and removal of stockings (donning) faster and easy for patients.  Perfect for compression sock and stocking models.  Will accommodate most legs. Can be used with open or closed toe compression stockings.  Lightweight and portable for ease of use.

Watch this Video below how to Wear Compression Stockings and Do's and Dont's

The ONTEX Stocking Applicator makes donning stockings quick and easy. Simply fit your hosiery over the appliance and slip your foot inside - it's very simple to use and protects your stockings from runs and tears. The ONTEX Stocking Applicator features tall handles to avoid stooping down low and provides a large opening for sliding your foot into your stocking with ease. Once you've slipped your foot inside your stocking, simply pull the Stocking Application Device upwards to apply the rest of the stocking to your leg. This product is perfect for anyone with swelling, limited mobility, excessive joint stiffness, or limited hand dexterity / strength. The product can be used with all brands of women's and men's stockings.

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