Ontex top rated in amazon

How do you say Half the Price?

Ontex (Cotton Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins) has been reviewed by Amazon customers (Third-party Independent Marketplace) and found Ontex "Pretty Close" to Swiss brand "Sigvaris". 

​Yet, Ontex costs just "One Third" the price of Sigvaris. For eg: Sigvaris Thigh Length Cotton costs around Rs.7,500 whereas Ontex costs just Rs.2,500. You can buy 3 pairs of Ontex Stockings in place of ONE pair of Sigvaris Stockings. (Click here to check various reviews on Amazon site comparing ONTEX with SIGVARIS and come back here: Opens in new tab.

Apart from Swiss brand, Ontex has been compared with German brand (Medi Duomed) - (Click here to check this review on Amazon site and come back here - opens in new tab) -  and also American brand (Futuro) - (Click here to check this review on Amazon site and come back here - opens in new tab) - by Amazon Customers and rated Ontex better than these Top 🌎International Brands.

Is it recommended by Doctors?

Oh Yes...!

In fact an Amazon Customer who is also a doctor himself has bought Ontex Compression Stockings for his own personal use. He has written a Product Review with 5 Stars rating and recommended Ontex to all Varicose Vein patients. (Click here to check this review on Amazon site and come back here - opens in new tab).

Apart from this there are many doctors who are regularly prescribing Ontex Cotton Compression Stockings as Ontex is

       1.  Reasonably priced
       2.  Premium Cotton Material
       3.  Most suitable for Indian Hot and Humid Climate
       4.  No itching, No irritations
       5.  Odour Free
       6.  Comfortable and Long lasting

Ontex gets Amazon's Choice badge

Any Awards and Recognition from third parties?

Yes. Ontex has also been awarded coveted "AMAZON'S CHOICE" badge by Amazon.

This means...

ONTEX meets the Amazon Standards such as

       1. Positive Product Ratings
       2. Higher Sales Volume
       3. Reasonable Pricing and
       4. Favorable Shipping Speed.

There are even Cheaper Stockings available in Amazon costing around just Rs.300 to Rs.700.  What do you say for this?

Yes, but Ontex quality is comparable only to Top International Brands and not these cheap stockings.  Please search for "Compression Stockings" in amazon.in and check their Star Ratings one by one.  They may be from 2.6 to 3.5 out of 5.0 Stars.  None of them are even close to Ontex rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 Stars as on date.  Obviously, Star Rating indicates their level of Customer Satisfaction and Value for Money.  Such poor Star Rating indicates that Amazon Customers have found that they were not worth even Rs.300 to Rs.700.  Then why waste money?

Is it imported?

Yes... The product is imported but the brand is Indian. Specially made for Indian Hot and Humid Climate.

Our CEO Mr. Gopinath Goswami, who is experienced in Compression Stockings business for nearly 25 years, has a deep understanding on the various issues and challenges faced by Indians.  Our Indian Consumers are caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.  Meaning...  Our Indian Consumers are caught between either TOO EXPENSIVE International brands or TOO CHEAP local brands that do not serve the purpose. 

It has been his mission to offer High Quality Premium Cotton Compression Stockings at an AFFORDABLE and REASONABLE price to all fellow Indians and to enlighten the benefits of Cotton Compression Stockings, especially for Indians where we have hot and humid climate.

Traffic policeman with burning legs

Interesting Real Life Story that resulted in birth of Ontex:

Once a Traffic Policeman had bought an imported Nylon Compression Stockings. Obviously, his job is to stand under hot Sun the whole day. After using the same, he complained that he felt like literally BURNING in both his legs...!  It is because of the "Nylon" material.

When he was offered to buy "COTTON" Compression Stockings costing around Rs.7,500 from an International Brand that would really help and save his situation, he politely declined the offer and rather opted to continue to use the same and put up with the pain and misery.  By not wearing, he has to suffer the pain of Varicose Veins - that too - Standing job for long hours.  By wearing, he has to suffer the BURNING SENSATION of Nylon Stockings coupled with Irritation, Rashes, Bad Smell and what not..!

Our CEO was very much disturbed by this incident and decided to use all his Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom and International Contacts to introduce High Quality Premium Cotton Compression Stockings at a very AFFORDABLE and REASONABLE price and help fellow Indians to alleviate their pain and sufferings.

The result is the birth of ONTEX.  No wonder, the product has received such excellent Product Reviews and Great Patronage from the Vast majority of Indians - the mission being so Noble, Sincere and Genuine.   

What are the Discount Coupon Codes offered in this site Ontex.in?

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Apart from this, we offer Various Discount Coupon Codes that work only in this site www.ontex.in and they do not work in Amazon. Please click here to get Discount Coupon Codes. Also please remember, Digital Prepayment is required to use all Discount Coupon Codes and COD not allowed.

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