Distributors Trade Discount Coupon Code TRADE30 for 30% ONTEX Cotton Compression Stockings

Discount 30% on Ontex Cotton Compression Stockings
  1. 30% Discount (from Amazon Prices - Not MRP) on Trade Purchases.
  2. Minimum Order Rs.15,000 but you will pay only Rs.10,500 after 30% Discount.
  3. Assorted Sizes allowed.
  4. Only pre-payment acceptable - No COD.
  5. GST Invoice available for businesses.
  7. Price after 30% Discount includes 12% GST.
  8. Discount of 30% applicable on published Web Price on various Marketplaces including Amazon and not on MRP.  So, it is a Genuine and Great Offer. 
  9. Use Coupon Code "TRADE30" upon Checkout or Click here to automatically apply Discount.