Coupon Codes

Discount Coupons

We have the following Discount Coupon Codes:

1.  ONTEX10 - 10% Discount (from Amazon Prices - Not MRP) even on the single pair of Ontex Cotton Compression Stockings. Digital prepayment required - COD not allowed. For FREE SHIPPING follow on-screen instructions while adding the product to shopping cart 🛒.

2.  BULK30 - 30% Discount (from Amazon Prices - Not MRP) on a minimum  order of Rs.15,000 but you will pay only Rs.10,500 after 30% discount

  • Assorted sizes allowed
  • No COD - Only digital prepayment allowed
  • GST 12% included in the price after 30% Discount
  • 30%  Discount applicable on Amazon prices - Not on MRP - Great and Genuine Offer.
  • Minimum order value of ₹.15,000 may be increased to ₹.50,000 any time without notice. 

3. Amazon customers who have written Product Reviews in Amazon may take a screenshot of their review and click here to avail Special Discount. 

All the above coupon codes will work only in this website and shall not work on Amazon. 

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