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About Us

We are the importers of ONTEX Cotton Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins and INSTEAD Cotton + Beige Colour Anti-Embolism Stockings for DVT Prophylaxis.

About Our Product

Almost all Compression Stockings are made of Synthetic materials such as Nylon, Lycra, Spandex etc. It is very important because only these Synthetic materials offer ELASTICITY and in turn COMPRESSION. By adding, Cotton material we offer many additional distinct benefits, especially in Hot & Humid Climate.

Why Cotton Material?

Needless to say how uncomfortable it will be to use Nylon like material in such a HOT & HUMID climate of TROPICAL REGIONS.
  • We sweat a lot.. Nylon cannot absorb the sweat
  • It leads to unbearable stinking
  • Further, we may develop rashes and itching
Whereas, COTTON material solves all the problems above.
  • Cotton can absorb the sweat and keep the area dry
  • It is ODOUR FREE (no bad smell)
  • It is skin friendly, comfortable to wear… (no rashes… no itching)
Therefore, COTTON blended SYNTHETIC material is highly preferred in HOT & HUMID Climatic regions. ONTEX Compression Stockings are all made of COTTON blended SYNTHETIC materials. ONTEX offers the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. You get the benefits of COTTON at the same time the benefits of SYNTHETIC Materials too.

Why Ontex?

Cotton blended Compression stockings that are available in the market are prohibitively expensive. They are always sold at PREMIUM price. Many patients are deprived of the comfort of Cotton because of its prohibitive cost. This is the exact reason why we decided to get CUSTOM MANUFACTURED as per our specifications. We have ensured that the QUALITY is NOT COMPROMISED yet offering at HIGH PREMIUM QUALITY. We have succeeded in our endevour and we are offering a price of atleast 3 times lesser. It is obvious that our quality is also well accepted and it is quite evident from the 5 Star ratings and reviews. Today, ONTEX is the only IMPORTED Compression Stockings made of PREMIUM COTTON, yet offering at such a low price.